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The mission of GAWVS Pet Care Pvt Ltd is to improve the health and well-being of pets , enrich the bond between pet and pet parents, also to ensure all pets to live a healthier and longer life.

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GAWVS Pet Care is a company established with a moto to help promote responsible pet ownership by creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all pets and humans. Our sole focus is to offer affordable and convenient pet care products and services.

GAWVS is a one-stop online web and mobile application that allows every pet parent to register their pet and create a unique identification for their registered pet. Your pet profile allows you to update your contact information, medical record and any critical information of your pet. You can also get vaccination reminders conveniently on your mobile, set reminders for routine vet visits, find locally available veterinarians etc.

GAWVS will issue a unique Identification collar tag for every pet registered with us and it must be displayed on the pet collar all the time. Our Pet Collar ID is the easiest and best way to prevent your pet from getting permanently lost by helping you locate your lost pet using GPS technology. It can save pet lives in case of any medical emergency by giving your vet all the necessary information about your pet thereby keeping all data readily accessible on our app.

Online Pet Registry

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Mobile App

Free Online Pet Registry

Quick and easy registration. Remember that your registration is the only proof of ownership which helps to reunite or reclaim your lost pet and find useful personal information about your pet.

Unique ID Tag

The smartest and simple way to protect your pet, easy scan using a smartphone with instant access to pet profile and necessary medical information in case of any emergency.

Online Pet Medical Record

Manage all your pet data and medical reports and important reminders at one secured place and access it anytime, anywhere. No more worry about your pet’s medical reminders and vet appointments.

Online Appointment.

Find the best Veterinarians, Groomers, Trainers, Nutritionist and other experts, book appointments with reminders of their next visit or vaccination shot so that no appointments are missed.

Connect with pet lover

GAWVS Pet helps to connect with like-minded pet lovers to request or offer services around pets in your community that embraces diversity and humanity or even adopt new pets.

Online veterinary Consulting

We believe that everyone should have access to knowledge in pet care so we can be better pet parents and provide comprehensive pet health care, nutrition, feeding tips and identify any illnesses in pets.

GAWVS Mobile App GAWVS Mobile App