Frequently Asked Questions

The Pet ID Tag links to your personal profile and pet profile, where you can edit your and your pet information at any time and choose what information to show. Smart QR code ID Tag will hold the key information to pull data from our server when scanning.

You can purchase our Pet ID Tag without registered to the site but in order to activate it, you must have an active profile including your pet. It is the purpose of the ID tag to show you and your pet profile. So eventually you must have active account.

No, you can buy any number of ID Tag when you have more than one pet, and update only one tag for one pet profile. It will be easy to maintain.

Login to GAWVS website and go to My Pets from your Dashboard, and click “Pet Lost” button below your missing pet image. Enter your remarks about the lost and submit. This will enable to show your personal information ( phone and address) to others when scanning, also you will get SMS/Email about the location that is scanned.

Scan the ID Tag using your smart phone camera, or any QR code scanner. You will get pet owner's details and pet information, from that details you can call directly to the pet owner about the lost pet, that will re-unite the pet with the owner.

No, we do not have any monthly subscription, it is lifetime free, you pay only for ID Tag onetime.

We understand that privacy and security are important to you. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology when we store your data, will use only your phone and address to connect people when your pet is lost and scanned.

Using the GPS option embedded in mobile devices, when the ID Tag is scanned, the system get the data from our server and sends you an SMS/ Email with the GPS map of the location where the scan was performed.

Yes, we recommend to use smart phone with internet connection to scan the ID tag and to get/show your profile.

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