Online Dog Licensing Solutions

GAWVS Pet Care is the first and only mobile application to submit dog license application online. We can handle online licensing solutions with 90% less expensive and more effective.

Why Dog Licensing?

It is a requirement by law in some cities of India for pets to have a pet health certificate and license.

Dog licensing helps Animal Husbandry Authorities to track the number of pets in a given city/town for health and safety concerns. This tool gives communities and health workers to identify, prevent, and stop the spread of deadly diseases.

The licensing fee you pay can help your local rabies control programs, care of lost and homeless pets, control of stray dog population through animal birth control programs and mass vaccinations, animal cruelty investigations, other community services that promote animal and human well-being.

Your license is the proof of ownership and proof of your dog's current rabies vaccination.

Problems in dog Licensing

On average only 5% of dogs are licensed with many cities and towns due to time consuming process and lack of convenience.

Present pet Licensing process needs big infrastructure, lots of manual processes and more resources.

No online track record of pet, owner and documentation.

Benefits of online dog licensing ?

There are many benefits to online dog licensing to both the owners and the public. Listed below are a few of these benefits.

  • Eliminate paper applications and visit the local government office.
  • Getting more dogs licensed with the comfort from the home for the pet owner.
  • Automated remembers for renewals with online payment.
  • Generate more revenue and recurring every year. Multi pet licenses in one account.
  • Digital Identification tags to keep the pet safe and secure.
  • Online replacement ID tag ordering.
  • Maintain all vaccination records online.
  • Real-time track and maintenance of all the pet in the city to ensure safety And prevent rabies.

The best digital solutions for online licensing of pet animals, each licensed pet receives a personal digital ID tag containing essential information of the pet and owner's with rabies vaccination details.

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Our Value Proposition - One Health

GAWVS acknowledges there is an urgent need to understand human and animal interactions and relations to prevent another pandemic, therefore needing to improve our relationship with animals.

One Health is a collaborative global approach to achieve and improve the health and relationship amongst people, animals and our shared environment.

We aim to make a positive and lasting impact on ONE HEALTH wellness and the environment.