About us


“Global Animal Welfare and Veterinary Solution”

GAWVS was founded by Veterinarians, Pet Lovers, and Technological experts to promote the importance of keeping our pets healthy with regular vet visits, immunizations and other preventive care.

GAWVS Pet Care Private Limited is an online media that helps you keep all your pet's vital information in one place and can access this information from anywhere, so no matter where you are, the veterinary health providers can access the information needed to care for your pet.

Our Mission

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Timely care, balanced nutrition, medical treatment, periodic vaccinations are the most important aspects of the pet’s well-being, resulting in disease free pets.

Rabies is one of the world’s deadliest zoonotic disease causing 20,000 deaths reported annually as it can be 100% fatal. About 40% of all rabies deaths are common amongst children under the age 15.

1.75 million dog bites are reported in India every year, contributing to the highest number of human deaths caused by rabies in the world.


Rabies is 100% vaccine-preventable!

Vaccinating every dog is the key to eliminate rabies from highly prone communities. We are here to increase the awareness about rabies, dog behaviour, bite prevention and first aid for rabies exposure. This tool gives public and health care workers to identify, prevent and stop the spread of this deadly disease.

“It’s our mission to eliminate rabies in India by 2030”


More About us

Using technology we are making pet-care more accessible, affordable and convenient for every pet parent.

GAWVS is an online platform for India that connects all animal lovers who care and are devoted to supporting pets and to provide outstanding pet health care and wellness services in every community.

GAWVS pet registration is free and allows pet parents to manage their pet profile and access expanded service options online through our website or mobile application. By registering your pet, you can store all the pet medical records and important documents in one place on a secured cloud and access it anytime at your fingertips.

Thousands of pets go missing or get abandoned each year in India. Our unique pet ID tag is the simplest and smartest way to help you and your pets get re-united as quickly as possible. Keeping your pet's profile up to date - especially with your current contact information and a recent photo of your pet - is one of the best ways to protect your pet.

Our objective is to cover a spectrum of animal health professionals from Veterinarians and other veterinary-related services such as Physicians, Surgeons, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, blood & urine test centres and much more in your locality. Depending on what you need, you can refine your search using the filters provided such as your postcode, city or a name of a specific store/clinic. You will be offered a list of the nearest Veterinary service providers within approximate distance or most recommended.

GAWVS opens the opportunity to connect like-minded pet owners and other pet community with access to pet-related products and services with exclusive benefits and discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Our centralized database for easy and quick accessibility of pet and pet owner data allows the animal husbandry authorities to track the number of pets in the city for health and safety concerns.

A part of the profile we make every year will help to fund the care of lost and orphaned pets, animal cruelty investigation and other community services that promote animal and human well-being.