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Global problems between Animals & Humans?

The abandonment of pet animals is a huge problem worldwide. There are millions of loving, adoptable pets put to death every year, including dogs, cats, and other pet animals. There is an urgent need to understand human and animal interactions and relations.


  • Pets were bought irresponsibly for a child who lost interest in caring for them.
  • Moving out of home, state or a country and unable to take your pet, leading to abandonment.
  • Afraid of spreading dangerous diseases such as Rabies, H1N1, and many others which affect human health.
  • Veterinary expenses that exceed the pet-parent budget or an unwillingness to pay for care.
  • Having no time at home to take proper care of a pet, often due to being busy at work.
  • Unsterilized strays continue to breed, leading to an abundance of street animals that have not been vaccinated.


  • ADOPT DONT SHOP! simply because you will save a life.
  • Compulsory registration for every pet animal, it is the only proof of Ownership.
  • Keeping an ID Tag on your pet's collar could help your pet safely return home if they lost.
  • Providing your pets with required preventive vaccinations as well as a wellness check from the licenced Vet.
  • Being a responsible pet parent and Educate Your Children, Family Members, Friends, and Co-Workers.
  • Control of the stray dog population through Animal Birth control Programs and Mass Vaccinations.


GAWVS PET CARE PVT LTD manages a registry of pet animals and their owners in India. Online pet registration is an important means and can help you reunite with your pet if it becomes lost. It also provides us with the pet's rabies vaccination status if the pet is involved in a bite.

It is a LAW in major cities in INDIA that pet must have pet health certificate and license.

We encourage you to use our online pet registration service, our web-based solution allows pet owner to register their pet online saving them time and money. This service is offered to all types pet animals, no matter what breed you can register.

Our Value Proposition?

Our online pet profile enables pet owner to keep up-to date contact information and address, with the benefit that more pet animals are registered every day.

GAWVS is not only an ONLINE PET REGISTRY, we also provide a unique QR CODE PET IDENTIFICATION TAGS that holds all the pet’s important data including rabies vaccination details and even microchip number and pedigree documents can be listed on the pet profile.

The QR code pet ID tag is instrumental in locating your lost pet as the pet owner gets the GSP location of the pet via SMS / email when the QR code is scanned, helping you to reunite with your loved one quick and easy.

Our system can help the Animal Husbandry Authorities to track the number of pet animals in the City / Municipality for healthy and safety concerns. This tool gives communities and health workers to identify, prevent, and stop the spread of any deadly disease.

Centralised database for easy and quick accessibility 24/7 of pet and pet owner data and Intelligent communication system including tracking and reporting facility.

A Portion of our profits will help us to fund the care of lost and homeless animals, animal cruelty investigations, and other community services that promote animal and human well-being.

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Collaborative Approach

"We believe working together, can protect, prevent and stop the spread of this deadly Rabies disease in India."

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

- Mahatma Gandhi